When google localization drives you nuts

As a software developer, you are not going to find anything unless you use google.com.

The localized google.com, that we are forced to use, is useless to find any solution for a technical problem. Let’s take a look how to configure Firefox and Chrome to use google.com:


You can find a suitable plugin with mycroftproject: http://mycroftproject.com/search-engines.html?name=google+encrypted+no+pws . The URL template should have options: hl=en (force english) , safe=off  (all results, even unsafe) and pws=0 (de-personalization).


Add new search engine to Manage search engines (settings -> Search Engines):

  • Search Engine Name, whatever, it could be: google NCR
  • Keyword, whatever, it could be, e.g.: google.com
  • URL: hhttps://encrypted.google.com/search?q=%s&pws=0&hl=en

and make the Google NCR default.

Btw. Skipping the localized of your search results can help you when you are on hollidays. You can get less sponsored content and more valuable information.