Consultancy & Training

I am a Software Developer, System Engineer, and Team Lead – 7 years in startups, including a Rocket-Internet venture. Before SAP Research&Development. Few years experience teaching in private universities.

A good combination of skills if you need to introduce new technology in your company or improve your development process. What is for me. Apart of an income, working with variety of problems, help me to learn more and faster.

  • Cloud Native: Kubernetes, Prometheus, Istio
  • Continuous Deployment, DevOps Culture, Effective Software Development
  • External-CTO or Architect
  • Programming: Golang, Python, …
  • Amazon Web Services / Azure + AKS / Google Cloud Platform
  • Helping startups to build their software effective
  • Have experience in SAP Cloud and SAP ERP

If you are looking for a speaker or trainer for a meetup, any kind of noncommercial event…, let me know. I always find time to popularize programming and software engineering in such events. Check a list of my talks.

Let me know.