Memcached with Prometheus exporter on Kubernetes

I have created a github project to show how to deploy memcached (with a Prometheus exporter) on Kubernetes. Let me know what you think.

Memcached is a simple stateless application, so it is really easy to run on top of kubernetes. You only need to remember that a memcached client is responsible for fail-over and load-balancing, so you cannot hide memcached pods behind one kubernetes service. Thus, every memcached shard has to have its own kubernetes service (memcached-0, memcached-1, …).

The integration with monitoring is a must. In my company, we use Prometheus. We do not ship any component to our platform without the monitoring integration. Luckily, there a Prometheus exporter.

In the github project, you will find a Makefile for wrapping the kubernetes commands. It assumes a naming convention of clusters. Each of the cluster has a postfix: development, staging, or production.

In Lyke, we use 2 separate clusters (production, staging) to run our platform. The development environment is on our development machines or, if needed, we spawn another cluster.