Make your command-line awesome

I cannot believe, but there are still people that do not use plugins framework for their command line.

If you are one of them, you need just 15 to 30 minutes to make your command-line superhero-efficient. Auto-completions (ssh, Makefile,…), better themes, look&feel, effortless jumping between directories you visited… You can impress your colleagues and get the job done faster.

To get to your awesome command-line, you can take one of two directions :

– bash

You can stay with the old good bash:

  • bash-it – setup time: 15 min, very nice CLI to setup it!
– zsh

Notice: Requires to change your CLI shell to zsh.

  • oh-my-zsh – setup time: 30 min, a lot of plugins
  • zprezto – setup time: 30 min, based on oh-my-zsh, less plugins, faster then oh-my-zsh, simple config file – my tool of choice
Bash vs zsh

How to choose. Simple:

  • standard, expected behaviour, no surprises: bash
  • powerful, sometimes too powerful: zsh

bash-it might be the best to start. The bash-it commands are self-explanatory.

Recommended plugins

The plugins names are from zprezto (in oh-my-zsh or bash-it you will find them as well):

  • fasd – light speed moving between directories – you can impress anybody 😀
  • ssh – ssh autocompletion
  • Makefile – makefile autocompletion
  • osx – better integration with osx, e.g, provides cdf and pbc
  • gnu-utility
  • git – optional, provide a lot of aliases for the most commonly used git commands (edited)
  • prompt – you can change the prompts according to your needs (my favorite: prompt off)
To watch

From time to time, you can check how new kids are doing: