About me

My name is Wojciech Barczyński.

I am a Lead Software Engineer at SMACC/Hypatos.ai (Startup, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, FinTech). I lead our software development team in Warsaw. No matter whether you are mid-sized company or an enterprise, we at SMACC/Hypatos will make Machine Learning work for your finances and  accounting departments. With SMACC we provide you SaaS and with Hypatos ML APIs that you can plug to your system.

Since 2015 SMACC, with the help of AI and Machine Learning, aims to fully automate finanse processes for enterprises and medium-sized enterprises. We are team of experts in IT, Finance, and Accounting. Our solution already helps companies in Germany, we bring it now to USA and Poland.

In 2017, we opened our development office in Warsaw, we are looking for experienced developers interested in solving real life problems in finances, working with Machine Learning, Micro-Services, and Kubernetes.

As a trainer/lecturer freelancer, I help people to master software engineering technologies and cloud solutions (more here). I work closely with the WSB university in Wrocław and ALK in Warsaw.

My interests are distributed systems, software development (Continuous Integration, Software Craftsmanship, TDD), software architecture for cloud-ready applications.

My weapons of choice: Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Traefik, Azure/AKS, Google Cloud and AWS, Python and Golang.


I was a System Engineer and Senior Software Developer in LykeHQ, I worked on simplification of the Lykehq application stack to improve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes within the company. More flexibility and better utilisation of resources helped us to lower the overall TCO of our application stack. The LYKE app got to the top 10 e-commerce mobile apps for iOS and Android in Indonesia.

My first experience with large distributed systems, I got inCLOUD & HEAT. I built an energy-efficient public Infrastructure-as-a-Service based on OpenStack (Grizzly to Icehouse) in CLOUD & HEAT Technologies GmbH.  I took a variety of technical roles to make the vision of a distributed micro-cloud-based IaaS a reality. During my work there, we built our first 21 data centers (1200+ physical machines).

How to effective apply new technologies, I learnt first in SAP Research Dresden. I was a member of Business Intelligence Team. My focus was Information Extraction, Semantic Technologies, Data Mining, and application of these technologies in context of Business Intelligence. In SAP, I co-authored three patents. My publications include papers from such conferences as VLDB, WWW, and TREC.