Podcast on people skills and career management

Inspired by a discussion on self-development with my colleague, I want to share a brilliant learning resource (so far my all-time favorite) – manager tools and career tools podcasts by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne. Mark and Mike teach every week how to manage people, build relationships with coworkers, bosses and directs, choosing communication style, how to manage your career, and give feedback (you can find a good summary on the wikipedia).


Tech Continuous Delivery Katas for Test Engineers

Below, you find a list of mini projects/KATAs for improving technical skills. I have created the list for students of a post-graduate course on software testing to help them to learn on their own at home.

It is Work-In-Progress :).



Pierwsze kroki dla świeżo upieczonego Scrum Master-a

Kolega dostał propozycję pracy jako Scrum Master. Poprosił mnie o radę jak przygotować się do tej funkcji. Moja rada: pierwszym krokiem jest dogłębne zrozumienie DLACZEGO scrum. W tym celu, najlepiej sięgnąć do źródeł.



Make your command-line awesome

I cannot believe, but there are still people that do not use plugins framework for their command line.

If you are one of them, you need just 15 to 30 minutes to make your command-line superhero-efficient. Auto-completions (ssh, Makefile,…), better themes, look&feel, effortless jumping between directories you visited… You can impress your colleagues and get the job done faster.


Memcached with Prometheus exporter on Kubernetes

I have created a github project to show how to deploy memcached (with a Prometheus exporter) on Kubernetes. Let me know what you think.


Calling BAPIs with Python and pyRFC

In two previous post, we have seen how to call BAPIs from Java (see BAPI and Java 1 and SAP and BAPI 2). Let’s see how to use the Python (IPython in particular) for interactive queries SAP BAPIs.



How to start fast your software project with minimum technical debt

Two weeks ago, my friend Dalia asked me what the best approach is to start new software project. Her friend was starting a new project in a startup. I realized that I could have given much more precise advice. That is the reason behind this post.

The following points are representing the starting points, not hard lines that you must keep. It is a software engineering, so you might modify my recommendation to adapt to your needs. The starting point will help you to find the best path.


How to create users in SAP ERP with Java Jco3, part 2 – calling BAPI

TL;DR; In this post, I will show how to construct the SAP BAPI calls in your Java code to view and create users. The source code is on github.



How to create users in SAP ERP with Java Jco3, part 1 – connecting to SAP ERP

TL;DR; I had to create dozens of users for students in SAP ERP. Remote SAP API comes to help. Few dozens of Java code lines that uses JCo (Java Connection Library) and I can create or delete SAP users in no time. This post is the first in the 3-post series. You can find source code on github.


Centralized logging for kubernetes with fluentd and elasticsearch

I had to setup a centralized monitoring for our production and staging applications. In my company, we saw a need to have an alternative solution (introduction of pricing, etc.) to the google stackdrive logger in place.

Having some bad experience with running Logstash, I decided to go with EFK (elasticsearch, fluentd, and kibana). Plus. I could reuse the existing fluentd deployment definition in the kubernetes github repo, so it was easy to get something running in short time.