Software Craftsmanship and Openstack

Wojciech Barczynski

About me

Wojciech Barczyński builds an energy-efficient public Infrastructure-as-a-Service based on OpenStack in CLOUD & HEAT Technologies GmbH (before: AoTerra GmbH). He takes a variety of technical roles to make the vision of a distributed micro-cloud-based IaaS a reality. Wojtek is a software developer with a strong focus on distributed systems, integration with IaaS, and automation.

He likes to share his knowledge, so you may meet him in WSB Schools of Banking teaching about software development, Openstack, and SAP. He also gives Openstack trainings and help teams to develop applications for the cloud environment.

Wojtek’s interests are distributed systems, software development (Continuous Integration,
Software Craftsmanship, TDD), software architecture for cloud-ready applications, Openstack.

Before, he worked SAP Research Dresden). He was a member of Business Intelligence Practise and he contributed to Mobile Computing & User Experience Practice. Wojtek’s focus was Information Extraction, Semantic Technologies, Data Mining, and application of these technologies in context of Business Intelligence. In SAP, he co-authored three patents. His publications include papers from such conferences as VLDB, WWW, and TREC.

You can also find me on [linkedin] and [xing].

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July 20th, 2014 at 1:33 am